By combining research of technologically feasible and practical experience of our team, with full commitment to business management and ICT support methods, Triton IT strives to achieve significant competitive market advantage in terms of expertise. Long lasting experience of our team members in the ICT industry has enabled us to develop adequate methodologies and systematic knowledge that are reflected in every aspect of our services.

Our services are aimed at building an efficient and secure business environment for our clients that provides fast access, reliability, efficiency and comprehensive information and data management.

Our portfolio includes a wide range of IT integrator services - from identifying business needs, through advisory and consulting services, to designing and implementing solutions for facilitating and improving operations in different industries.

Our objective is:

  • to create a different integration of the IT systems,
  • to help and lead our Clients on their Digital Transformation paths
  • to educate and advise our Clients on their Cloud journeys
  • to improve the quality and security of business operations and satisfaction of our clients
  • to ensure data exchange between solutions/applications/databases of various manufacturers
  • to consolidate various solutions into an integrated IT environment
  • to launch new systems on new platforms (cloud, hybrid and on-prem)
  • to expand the existing systems’ functionalities by upgrading new software versions
  • to educate the Clients employees in business needs and constantly raise the level of their IT knowledge in accordance with business requirements

Our business services portfolio includes the following services:

  • Analysis and design of IT platforms (cloud, hybrid and on-prem)
  • Implementation and migration of IT solutions
  • Procurement of equipment and software
  • Virtualization of physical environments
  • Consultancy and implementation services in the field of business process integration
  • Consultancy and implementation services in the field of information systems integration
  • Consultancy and implementation services in the field of overall information security in company
  • Implementation and post-implementation support
  • High availability solutions (design of the overall service, implementation and administration of high-performance clusters, high availability clusters…)
  • Specialized trainings in order to raise the level of clients’ knowledge (networking, security, GDPR, DevOps…)
  • Workshops for a comprehensive overview of potential solutions and their business application

With Triton IT you will obtain:

Optimization of business processes through increased exchange of information between various IT systems

Increased productivity in the company through access to all of the organization resources

A detailed task analysis and reporting system in order to provide access to a wide range of valuable data

An uninterrupted flow of information between various systems and organizational parts of the company

Educated employees who can respond to modern business needs